Laura’s posts: New year, new start #LDCJAN

So this year we’ve created a challenge to start off a productive year, or at least the first month!

50th birthday menu ideasEach day, we’ve challenged ourselves to come up with a small piece (a sketch for myself and some wordy scribbles from Jodie) based on a series of random word prompts we created!

The challenge is mostly Instagram based, but after a nudge from Jodie I thought it might be a good idea to make use of the blog too. Not for every day posting but might be worth showing thought processes for prompts, as well as going over final ideas for some of my favourite pieces. So if I’m honest the biggest bit was how to tackle how this works for everyday…..I am not the most organised person in the world!

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Jodie’s posts: #LDCJan

Long Distance Creationship LIVES and we’re kicking off the new year with a brand new prompt challenge.

Each day, we’ve challenged ourselves to come up with a small piece (a sketch for Laura and some wordy scribbles for yours truly) based on a series of random word prompts! Continue reading “Jodie’s posts: #LDCJan”

Jodie’s posts – Tawdry Tales from the Wikipedia Rabbit Hole

It’s been far too long since I posted anything up here and – sorry Laura! – this isn’t even an LDR prompt!

The piece came from constantly clicking the random article button on Wikipedia and finding the page dedicated to Italian actress Mariella Lotti. According to Wikipedia, she had an affair with King Michael of Romania during the Second World War, which then led me to page that said she’d run off to a convent when he’d announced his engagement to another European royal, which THEN went on to say they’d never been in a relationship at all. PHEW!

These few words are basically historical fiction inspired by whatever little grain of truth lies at the heart of that tale – I imagined a lover who was mistaken for the King, a few stolen nights back in Lotti’s home town, and a good giggle at the news story. Plenty of liberty taken with dates, of course!

To be honest, I was really split about posting it because it’s teeerrriiibbllleee and ends really quite abruptly, but since writing romance and building relationships is something I want to work on, every little helps right?

She took a long draw of her cigarette and looked out across the city from the balcony. A gentle breeze moved through the air, shifting the skirt of her nightdress, shaking the thin curtains. It moved towards the man, spread out on the bed, lightly ruffling his tousled dark hair. She heard him stirring behind her, his body moving in the sheets as he stretched and reached out for her, only to find her gone.

“Come back to bed,” he said. She looked back at him over her shoulder and smiled. He switched to Italian. “Torna a letto,”

“Better you sleep alone than me reward that butchering of my language,” she said, laughing, before turning back to the view.

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Laura’s posts: In This City

Heylooo Dear Internet Wanderers,

Here is my third prompt – Illustration using inspiration from Iglu and Hartley music.

This was an interesting prompt, purely cause it’s music based..I find some inspiration from music but mainly my muse is from visual cues so this was an awesome challenge.

The music had to be from Iglu and Hartley (It was like the soundtrack to my late teens) after listening to the album ‘&’ a few times over, decided on ‘In This City‘ – it just makes me feel happy every time I listen to it, sooooo many memories from late teens/early 20s.

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Laura’s posts: Prompt 2

So here’s my long overdue post about the second prompt Jodie gave me….sorry it’s taken a while to write up but I got distracted by getting a cat (She’s called Gwenpool)


Essentially the prompt was to create an image based off the album cover for Four Year Strong’s Rise or Die Trying, mainly using the same colour palette, which you can see below, overlying feel of many shades of purple intertwined with bit of metallic shreds, blues and yellows.

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Jodie’s posts – Untitled #2

I had quite a bit of fun with this one:

In life, you were the greatest thief who ever lived. But, as tends to happen, you’re now the greatest thief who ever died. But, it was on purpose: you’ve set your sights on stealing something from Death itself. [x]

In case you haven’t already noticed, I do tend towards the darker and more melancholic when I write. So, of course, I pick the prompt that involves Death as my chance to try something a little lighter and a little funnier.

A little longer than previous pieces, so buckle up.

“So you can definitely bring me back?”



“I’m pretty sure,”

“Forget it, I’m not doing it,” Ivan began taking off his cloak.

Marsh flicked frantically through the pages of the book he was holding. “It’s all in here, Ivan. It’ll work!”

“And if it doesn’t?” Ivan shook his head and sat down on the wooden bench. “What if it’s a trick, Marsh?”

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Laura’s posts: Creation breeds inspiration

So I had a bout of random inspiration from reading my creative partner’s writing to do with the immortal imprisoned for life (If you haven’t read it you can check it out here) and so this is the image (More or less) that sprang to mind for me…..

I’ve put the video process on my Instagram if you want to have a nosey at the process!

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